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If you have to sell the apartment or House and if you decided to sell with brokerage offices in the real estate, get ready for this meeting to convey as much information as possible to help you properly to advertise Your property. Note that since the filing of your deals in the Agency, House, apartment, land, land becomes ... a commodity market, which should be accurately and in detail described.

That's why:

1. If the alluded to contact us by phone or e-mail with the Agency, a good agent will ask for basic data on real estate, to also prepare for the meeting. If you want you can ask to send a model agreement on intermediation e-mail and ask about the amount of commissions in case you find the customer and bring the contract of sale of your property. Ask about the difference between an exclusive agreement, and non-exclusive agreement (the so-called open). You'll save time on meeting, read the agreement and prepare the appropriate questions to the intermediary. Keep in mind that the Commission (remuneration for work intermediary) depending on the degree of difficulty is determined individually at the meeting, mostly linked to property oględzinami, verification of related documents, etc.

2. Be prepared for specific questions about how, and dates of purchase of your property. Professional acting an intermediary before the meeting can still during a phone call to ask about the date of the acquisition of real estate, in the context of the occurrence or not of tax on its sale, which may have an impact on the expected price and the same decision about selling it. You should have the answer to such questions.

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3. Get ready real estate-related documents, it's very important to have a complete set of documents. If you have an apartment with a separate property, prepare the notarial deed of purchase/donation/or extract the property, if it is a cooperative apartment condominiums, this assignment agreement or cooperative decision transformations of the tenant the right to the ownership of the cooperative. If your business has a cooperative established a perpetual book, you need to prepare her number or copy if you have one. Throw in a photocopy is also very useful. Have ready answers to questions about your current rent and additional charges associated with the use of the premises. If you pay a rent, and cooperative in the annual settlement returns You a significant amount of overpayments, it apply to cooperatives for a reduction in rent, to be able to document lower (actually paid) rent, which does not put off some potential buyers.

4. Consider, since, in the event of a sale, you can share sold the property to the new owner, as well as what you would like to leave it in place (furniture, equipment). Be oriented when cooperative/community intends to make essential repairs and tell what has already been done.

5. A very important element, which often sellers forget-get ready for inspection to an intermediary, it is first and foremost about allowing the implementation of photographic documentation and film. Photos and videos provide a lot of information and often decide to or not to take your property into account. A good broker coming for the meeting is prepared to comply with your own photos, which performs in order to best present Your apartment (House). Make sure that the apartment was as unnecessary items on view, IE. towels, cups, dishes in the kitchen sink, bowls in the bathroom, brushes, brooms, shoes, coats, jackets, newspapers, documents, laptops, clothes .... , and so on. A common mistake is for example. loading the stuff into the washing machine, which unfortunately in the photos is also clearly visible. The exception is the child's room, which is usually the most difficult to sort out, but here you can at least try to get a rough idea of the relative order.

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6. If it (the House) is available immediately, unoccupied, it does not treat it as a magazine "still may be useful" stuff, delete unnecessary items, leave only the ones that may have some value for the buyer. What could it be? If the room has a wardrobe, or any piece of furniture, and you want to leave it and pass the buyer, then leave, but delete any minor items such as vases, souvenirs, pictures, cages. Those anyone unnecessary little things take place, disrupting the "space" and distracting potential buyer. The same applies to the curtains, net curtains, carpets, throw rugs. IM the less the better. If you do not want to dispose of these items, simply hide them. A separate theme is the wine cellar, which also, as far as possible, should look neat, at least enough to be able to assess its size. If the basement has definitely not suitable to show clients, tell me about the intermediary, that could indicate potential clients with information that of course after the sale will be entirely emptied of filling her things. If you rent your apartment, then warn the tenants and ask them to prepare for the visit and thoroughly clean the apartment.

A summary

Know that is definitely worth to spend these few minutes to prepare for a meeting, and it certainly will. If you want to use with the help of real estate agencies choose those brokers who want to see Your apartment, make good shots and are interested in the relevant details. Do not be surprised that the intermediary on a visit to the apartment (House) and meeting with you. Spent your precious time, is an investment with a view to obtaining better prices, a faster sale and by getting to this customer, who has just such a House (the House of) your looking for on the market.

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Tips for preparing an apartment, home for a visit, a meeting with an agent in the real estate. Documents, preparation of the premises, the basic information concerning the needs of the seller and the buyer's expectations.