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Marek Chowaniec
I recommended Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor as a reliable real estate agent my friends when selling a home. Friends have trusted Mr. Jaroslaw by signing an exclusive contract, which contributed to the quick sale real estate in just 3 MONTHS. I am glad that Mr Jaroslaw include among the intermediaries of sound that can be trusted.

Aga Oleszak
Help MrJ aroslav by buying a home in our pretty custom situation was invaluable. Mr. Jaroslaw turned out to be a professional, but also an ethical dealer. Not downloading from us, gave us a sense of security and a feeling that fully represents the interests of both parties. Fairly ran on our behalf, negotiations, and the whole transaction was very efficiently. I would cordially recommend Mr. Jaroslaw.

Anetta Zakrzewska
I highly recommend Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor as a real estate agent. Mr. Jaroslaw helped me when renting an apartment in Poznań. It is extremely effective. The entire process from the time of the notice until the final decision as to the potential tenants lasted less than a month. It is characterized by professionalism in the approach to the tasks entrusted to him, integrity in carrying out their duties, meticulousness and what an extremely rare in this world a very high personal culture! High knowledge content and knowledge of the real estate market are part of the success of Mr. Jarosław in his work - a real estate agent. Recommend!!

Anna Wicher
I highly recommend Mr Leszek Szóstak as an experienced and professional real estate agent. Contact to it received the command and it turned out to be a hit. Mr. Leszek Szóstak helped carry us through all the complexities associated with both the sale of the apartment, and buying a home. The customer for the purchase of houses and Mr. Leszek found within a few days. The whole procedure, and then purchase closed in three months! Mr. Szóstak has demonstrated high efficiency in operation, the professionalism discussions with customers, patience and a very high personal culture.

Krzysztof Małecki
We do not like and avoid the middlemen as the worst mother-in-law. Issued to them money willing we are considered to be wasted. Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor sword skills and qualities of its people effectively refutes these unpleasant feelings. Res communis becomes flesh.

Krzysztof Pietrusewicz
I used the services of p. Marcin Bednarek. The entire transaction was in a professional manner. I appreciate very much on Mr. Marcin's determination and commitment and availability. I had to compare with another with the mediator and I'm under enormous impressed with its effectiveness. I would definitely recommend. Krzysztof from Kiekrz

Barbara Kryger
I used recently with a real estate market advisor Mr Jarosław Kantor and I am very satisfied with the cooperation. Professionalism, punctuality, commitment, availability, high personal culture cause, that is a person worth recommending! If you want to save time and do all the paperwork, professional, and above all, effectively you will not find a better place. Once again, thank you very much for your cooperation and I highly recommend it!

Przemo Postaremczak
Very warm thanks to Mr. Leszek Szóstak's brokerage in selling your home. Not possessed before any experience in this regard and, on that basis, I had a lot of concerns. Mr. Leszek is a very kind, honest man with full responsibility of all. Helped me go through the thicket of formalities and its great commitment made it very quickly found a buyer of my house. Sir Leszek thank and once again I recommend the Lord all those who want to be fully satisfied

Marta Niewolna
We had the pleasure to work with Mr. Jarosław Kantor. In addition to courtesy and high personal culture Mr. Jarosław is also characterized by huge professionalism and knowledge. Mr. Jaroslaw ruffled all our doubts and with angelic patience answered all the questions. We highly recommend all cooperation with Mr. Jarosław, because it's a pleasure:) In addition, Mr. Jarosław is able to do what in theory is not to do:) We recommend the hot, Marta Niewolna

Maciej Dołęga-Kozierowski
I had the pleasure to work with Mr Jarosław Kantor in the rental home. Great, excellent breakfast. Very involved Advisor in his work and enjoying a high personal culture. I recommend!

Stanisław Horodko
Sprzedawałam apartment with Mr. Kantor, in which lived the tenants. Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor in a great way to organize a presentation of the houses and taking into account the needs of all parties. Besides being a professional, efficient, sympathetic and empathetic I really recommend. Margaret from Zielona Gora

Wioletta Wrzeszcz
I recommend working with Mr. Jack Kubicki. Collaborate appreciate very positively. It is characterized by professionalism, commitment, enormous personal culture. The service was totally professional and very nice. Yours Wioletta Wrzeszcz

Piotr Mazurczak
I highly recommend mediation services in buying and selling real estate offered by Mr. Jacek Kubicki. Thank you for your commitment, competence and professionalism at a very high level. Expert advice and experience of Mr. Jack helped me make the right decision-thank you again!

Ewa Wachowiak
With all my heart I would recommend working with currency exchange service, a very experienced and helpful. Helped us sell buy an apartment without his aid, domi could not find it. Very honest and good man. I had the opportunity to work with a better agent.

Lukasz Bota
I recommend working with the DoradcaRN. Personally, I had the opportunity to use the services of Mr. Jacek Kubicki. It turned out to be the only one with all those they found on my way agents with whom I have had the desire to cooperate. It is worth noting that, in addition to the professional approach, excellent market knowledge, procedures and other nuances, "package", we get the human approach, a high level of culture and belief that works actively in the interests of the client. A difficult and tedious process of sale of flats has been completed successfully, in the knowledge that all three parties (the seller, the buyer and broker) are satisfied. I would recommend

Jan Gromniak
Many thanks go to Mr Jarosław Kantor, who mediated in the sale of our apartment and buying a new one. Not having toprovide and sufficient knowledge in this area, the use of the services of an intermediary was extremely valuable. Mr. Jaroslaw assured us all the help official and notaries, explained all matters relevant to this project by giving himself as a person with high personal culture, compassionate, competent and effective in action. Cooperation with Mr. Jarosław Currency allowed us to have the belief that we have a case in good hands, which led to another in the course of the entire transaction. With full confidence we recommend that services the Office of the Advisor to the RN.

Renata Olubiec
I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Jarosław Currency while searching for an apartment for rent. I highly recommend this Adviser, as this is the person an extremely competent, patient and focused not only on profit. Searching the apartment for rent, however, Mr. Jarosław honestly advised me to rent a House by adjusting to this my financial opportunities. I am immensely grateful and satisfied with the services of Mr Jarosław-it is a person worthy of command, fair, taking care about the welfare of the client. His expertise was invaluable to me. Along with my family we are very happy with the deals, which suggested us to Mr. All in need of professional help with real estate market I highly recommend Mr Jarosław Kantor.

David Handke
I recommend to all services provided by Mr. Martin in Poland. Professional approach, commitment and broad knowledge in the field of real estate sales. Thanks for the professional work carried out, and the regular contact and, above all, a success in the form of a transaction. Yours

Lidia Skudlawska
I highly recommend the services of Mr Jarosław Kantor. Professionalism and integrity, and this is what I appreciate the most, i.e. in business. honesty. It's good that you are on the real estate market of the person to whom you can just trust. Thank you.

Miroslaw Zemski
I had the pleasure to use the services of Mr Jarosław on the occasion of the purchase of the apartment. Professionalism and propriety, it features that are visible at a glance. With a clear conscience I can recommend p. Yaroslav.

Bartosz Zielinski
Cooperation with Mr. Jarosław Currency takes place in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Mr. Yaroslav in very clear and comprehensible manner presented the offer of housing, which we were interested in and actively participated in finalizing the transaction. Worthy Advisor command on the real estate market.

Lukasz Kucharski
Thank you Mr. Jaroslaw for your help in selling the apartment. Professionalism at every stage of the implementation of the order. The whole process went calmly, without nerves and confusion. A big substantive knowledge, experience and efficiency in action. Collaborate appreciate very positively. Real estate broker credible and recommended!

Agata Bar
Everyone I wish such cooperation when buying real estate. I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Jaroslaw. This is a person it contains a high personal culture, trustworthy, which patiently dispels any doubts and fears related to the purchase of the apartment. It is hard to find an agent who will go to the customer as an individual. Mr. Jaroslaw is honest and in my opinion this is the most important thing to with so important a decision as buying real estate to have the person who will take care of it, that the transaction was carried out professionally and most importantly, safely. I would recommend with a clear conscience.

Sebastian Urban
Great exhibit positive and hence full satisfaction with the cooperation with Mr. Jacek Kubicki is a person on the right place. Not much time has passed and I no longer have any of the parcels, therefore "Customer Satisfied"

Piotr Naprawca
My name is Peter, I met Mr. Jaroslaw seeking apartment to rent, it is for his cause I could clarify and specify the conditions of hiring-out. Has proven to be very helpful, professionally and objectively gave me the quote, which I took. I would recommend this to everyone, because I think that is a person worthy of trust.

Sebastian Wawrzynow
Mr. Jacek Kubicki led from the very beginning my offer to sell houses and very professional with the kindness and understanding. Zeal and enthusiasm to meet the expectations. Since the offer was in the hands of Mr. Jacek was not the month to be without customers. Still something was happening around this offer. He was actually all until after registration of notary public and other formalities. The knowledge and experience is greatly surprised me and not a single lawyer made to feel uncomfortable. Trustworthy and anyone who still hesitate to entrust your property to him.

Piotr Adamczewski
I recommend real estate advisor services with full confidence in Mr. Jacek Kubicki, whose professionalism-resulting from the in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the market to wade through the complexities of the procedure.

Bartosz Klimczak
A huge thank you to Mr. Jacek Kubicki, through which the formalities associated with the purchase of an apartment were dopięte the last button. A specific approach to the matter, knowledge and invaluable help-Word professionalism! Keep it up!

Elzbieta Falinska
We would like to thank Mr Jaroslaw Kantor for the sale of my apartment. Mr. Jaroslaw with a huge commitment to their work and is an invaluable support since the signing of the agreement to sign the intermediation of the Act. Mr. Jaroslaw is a person worthy of trust, determined and effective. To be honest I recommend cooperation.

Aleksandra Porebska
I highly recommend working with Mr. Jaroslaw - involved, a thorough, well organized and super helpful! Reliably leads on and always maintains a stoic calm. To this super nice. One word-man with class, which today on the market a little.

Hanna Kuczewska
I strongly recommend the person Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor both the seller and the buyer of the property. In the transaction, which I conducted with success, I attended as part of the purchase. Acting in that capacity, I was released from the brokerage fees, which for many of you, who wish to acquire the apartment or cottage, may prove to be valuable information. Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor is a man with a high degree of manners, extremely patient and helpful, responds to the most intricate and difficult customer questions-no matter whether they are a party selling or acquiring the property, saying succinctly-professional in the full range of services! Therefore, I urge all concerned to enlist the help of Mr. Jaroslaw in the sale and purchase of apartments, grounds, satisfaction guaranteed for sure!

Grazyna Liczbanska
Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor has these features which RN advisors-it would seem-you can only dream of: he is extremely competent, friendly, highly cultured, patient, empathetic, verbal, punctual, well ... and effective! His strength alone is able to master the emotions of the customer, which cannot be avoided when taking so important a decision as buying or selling real estate. If someone was ripe for such a step, let the matter is in good company professional, which without doubt is a Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor.

Wojciech Czekanowski
We would like to thank Mr Jaroslaw Kantor for the sale of our apartment, which has devoted a lot of time and financial resources, issuing the notification and arranging clients. Thank you for his availability, professionalism and complete service from the moment of signing the agreement brokered the signing of a notarial deed. Mr. Jaroslaw gave himself as a man of modest, honest, reliable, practical and very well versed in your industry. With all the responsibility, we recommend the services of Mr. Jaroslaw. With friendly greetings Urszula and Wojciech Czekanowscy.

Lukasz Ratajczyk
Certainly Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor is a estate agent worthy of command. He writes at this point from the position of the person buying that finding on the Internet was just in the House of Mr. Kantor. Full professionalism, knowledge and expert advice while watching the House. Good contact and responding quickly to the need for both parties to the transaction. Prepare for all meetings and conduct all transactions in such a way that you feel that this person thought in advance about certain matters. 100% command.

Grzegorz Pawlowski
I bought a very interesting apartment on Sołacz recommended to me by Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor. This offer, though present in the multiple property portals, not previously raised my interest. This just proves that when a major purchase you might want to use a professional opinion, which Mr. Jaroslaw certainly is. Broker credible and recommended!

Arkadiusz Parus
If someone depends on proper and professional completion of the transaction, I recommend using the services of Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor. Trustworthy person realizes legal and financial issues, knows the realities of real estate market-cooperation worthy of command.

Malgorzata Lisiewicz
With deep conviction, I recommend the services of Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor. This is a person competent and very involved in the work. Works with extraordinary initiative and professionally. What for me is extremely important, it creates a very good spirit of cooperation: at every stage of the information shall be communicated in a clear and exhaustive. Its action is based on clear principles, which gives considerable comfort, peace of mind, that things are in certain and safe hands. Mr. Jaroslaw, I wish you much success in business!

Malgorzata Tontor
With full responsibility, I recommend the services of Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor concerning the sale of the property where from the beginning to the end, Mr. Jaroslaw everything he served me expertise and it was not easy to sell because the apartment was in the interests and very quickly found a buyer, honest staff responsible.

Lukasz Hancyk
It is with great pleasure that I can recommend the services provided by Jaroslaw Kantor. Oversees the entire process of purchase, can advise all dispels doubt, leaves no questions unanswered. Professional in every way, and besides, a very sympathetic man.

Marcin Wozniak
Cooperation without any problems. I'm happy with the purchase of an apartment. Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor is available and will be happy to help if you have any questions and ambiguities. I recommend, Marcin Woźniak

Radek Duszynski
As a buyer I can in good conscience recommend Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor. Very solid, always with the motto ' our client our Lord '. Mr. Jarek helped negotiate the prices of our apartments and dealing with all the formalities. Really solid company.

Piotr Zakowiecki
I highly recommend the services provided by Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor. A special highlight requires a professional approach, commitment to the work carried out, regular contact and, above all, effectiveness.

Mariusz Markiewicz
The quality of the service, Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor is at a very high level. Professional and honest approach, valuable suggestions and feedback during the sale of real estate and the atmosphere of confidence, make it I can honestly recommend Mr. Kantor.

Monika Kierzenka
Mr. Jaroslaw Kantor is one of the most competent advisors in the real estate market, which has so far met. Has a very extensive knowledge in this field, is an accurate and honest, and they will be happy to help you make sound decisions. Is recommended as not only an excellent specialist, but an honest man.