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Appropriate to the realities, namely the correct valuation of real estate, is for many people who are interested in selling your home, land or homes that want to offer your property on the secondary market, can be a big problem. The seller understand that buyers but also realize that entered their asking price, is, in principle, the asking price and the transaction price, which is eventually agreed a price for which will be made of the so-called transaction. transaction price would probably be lower. So by listing real estate for sale (House, apartment, building plot, land) the seller direct to buyers the invitation to negotiate. Therefore, a big mistake they make a person waiting until you see in ads, bid the price of real estate come down to an acceptable level by them, because before this reaches someone else (open for negotiations attitude) can buy it before. While similar to the lost in this way deals, new offer may not appear for a long time later. Competent reception trends and understanding of the needs and potential buyers present on the market allows you to so one gained, and the second tells left to revise and reduce prices.

Increasingly, there are situations where the seller economically are forced to sell otherwise coveted housing (House, apartment) due to problems with the repayment taken out for the purchase of real estate credit, Very often people in this forced, usually the situation can not be reconciled with the need to accept a large loss on the sale of real estate, you must sell it although fully meet their current needs of life. In extreme cases, such an attitude, however, may lead to the establishment of mortgages and forced auction of bailiffs and the decision for how much to sell, unfortunately, taken by a bailiff. Therefore it is better to carefully offer your property on the market would not become easy prey for someone who admittedly for cash, but for 3/4 or 2/3, or even half the price estimate obviously benefit someone else's loss.

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It would be ideal if the sale price accurately reflect the value of the property, but these are rather rare cases because the value has always subjective elements. The real selling price is not able to give even the tester, because it uses those tables and always the prices that are a thing of the past, so removed from the current reality. However, even so not or less accurately valued the property is first and foremost in the judgement on the current market, where its final review. Supply and demand relationships can be disrupted from time to time, creative programs, government intervention was previously "Rodzina na Swoim" ("The Family on Their own), now" Mieszkanie dla Młodych" ("The Apartment for The Young").

Such programmes are also factors in a specific way affect the success or not, the objective of trying to make a purchase or sales transactions in this rapidly changing market. These programs significantly affect the price changes particularly in the segments concerned. Also some gain, others lose. That's why more and more matters this sales strategy, market timing and the ability to conduct negotiations that are key to the success of professionals representing a proven real estate agents. Real estate brokers familiar with the excellent market and real estate market downturn can help their clients as well as well as sell and buy. Operating since 1999, the real estate agency is the best guarantee of satisfaction with the services, as well as partnership with the customer.

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