Stereotype: the apartment after the repair you can sell more expensive

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Anyone who wants to sell the property on the secondary market would like to see achieved sales price as high. That's why people who want to get more, trying to get through the execution of renovation increased the value of sold properties-home or apartment. However, be aware of the fact that among the buyers are individuals and it is not few that don't will look even offer houses and promoted as a "recently renovated", because all too often such repairs shall be carried out on a temporary basis, so that as well as by accidental "professionals". What's more, in this kind of renovation aimed at selling used dressing materials usually come from the lowest shelf, which are cheap and put a little at the time (e.g. tiles or carpet with the "cleaning the magazines"). This, in turn, by inspecting more adversely reflects on the image of the property. Justify higher than retail prices of poorly executed renovation is like taking a shot to the own goal. Therefore, if you've actually seller depends on a better price, excused raised the standard of the place, it should ensure that both the range and quality of performed works actually reflect and correspond with the expected higher price. To find a point of balance, as you can see can make. It is not uncommon that invested in renovation funds simply do not return in the obtained from the sale of the payment. With such a situation most often we have to deal with when your location is a large supply of similar offerings on the market for sale, and the buyer in full comfort choose the ones which will have the least work and funding, not necessarily and rather reluctant to appreciating the effort and incurred by the owner costs. Therefore, in extreme cases, you may find that even really a decent repair just accelerates the sale, that is, in general, allows you to bring to the deal, while comparable, potentially similar properties remain in the offers of sale on the local market. But sometimes good and it. Everything depends on the situation and the possibility of the seller and the trend, which is currently on the market.


sprzedaż mieszkania Because carrying out the professional repair is usually quite confusing, it costs and generally is not an easy task, it can simply was repainted the walls? It seems that this is the most common solution is recommended especially for those who have no desire to get involved too much time and resources just to hear from the buyer that he is just not like it even if it is a typical, classical element of the negotiations. Refresh, it's not just paint the walls and ceilings a bright paint, but also empty the place of the old, usually and so intended to leave furniture and equipment. All of this is mainly to get the best first impression. Because as we all know, the first impression is what he remembers, especially when we know that today's buyers are watching usually many flats /houses/ before they finally decide. And "second first ' impressions have, unfortunately, not create. Therefore, in addition to deleting unnecessary flea and refresh paint, once always necessary in such situations general cleaning real estate, you should also take care about the efficiency of the installation, such as the repair of leaky joints, taps /cisterns in the toilet/ shabby tubes for sinks, under sinks, tightening the wires in the luminous electrical sockets missing light bulbs, adjust the leaky windows and creaking door, etc. This is not some super expert repair, and can result in a positive and, above all, a better impression and, consequently, the expected purchase decision undertaken by the potential purchaser.


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The so-called homestaging, depending on the ingenuity, skill and the seller's portfolio may rely on the simplest of treatments such as removal of occupying an apartment space funiture, or move the couch, after the far-reaching changes in the arrangement and the functionality of the whole apartment, with realignment and partition walls, or more advanced alterations. All depending on the financial capacity of the seller and his ingenuity. But even when the seller wants to in a minimalist approaches to this issue, then surely you should think and take care of the overall aesthetics of the Interior, and, in the case of selling your home, it's also about order and order on the grounds in front of her/street/.../per her fence. Why should you remember this? At least, so that presented in pictures and movies in the notices real estate website real estate agency sold the property, and this includes literally every apartment or House, just preferably like to present and even encouraged to visit. And once such buyer visits, it is that idea that you previously created such a person on the basis of the description and pictures included in the offer, you're actually confirmed to be in reality. If the apartment or the House are still inhabited by their owners, the possibility of the implementation of major change within the small even repair, can be much more difficult, or impossible to carry out. Because then it is worth to focus on ordinary cleaning and sort out things, especially when you placed them on the current surface the current owner with great difficulty.

Broker’s help

wyższa cena mieszkania

With these and other legitimate reasons are increasingly at home real estate market, both the seller and the buyer shall benefit from the help of experienced advisers. In Poland is not in this respect, even as the United States, where almost all of the real estate is done through agencies, but in large cities of the country can be roughly estimated that about 70-80% of the deals available on the market today can be found only at the offices of the real estate. With practice I know that sellers are often at a loss and did not know what to do to get the desired sales price, and then I was just looking for help from experienced real estate agents. Who as not real estate agent knows what are the expectations and behaviour of buyers? What should I do to the real estate-condos, houses, land was sold at the best possible price? The answer to this question in relation to a specific property is no longer as obvious, because each property is different, and even if it's similar to the next, the others are vital determinants of the owner (or owners), not to mention the expectations of potential buyers. Therefore, clearly putting the matter-there is no ready-made, universal answer to this question, because can not be. Too many variables in this equation. Therefore, you might want to tell that you are currently interested in the sale, and that it was only after some time they plan to sell an apartment, home, or plot, contacted with trusted, preferably recommended by friends, or someone in the family real estate agent who responsibly and effectively carry out the entire process from planning sales strategy, promotion and marketing of specific deals, presentations and negotiations, ensure a safe payment method, all matters will lead to the end of the until the transfer of the property hand-over/receipt protocol receiver. It is observed that more and more aware that people use with the help of real estate agent.

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